clinics and costs

My Clinics and costs




First homeopathic consultation

During the first consultation we will go through the details of everything you want treated and begin to build up a picture of you and your health, emotional and physical. We will begin recording a timeline of the events and illnesses that have shaped your life as well as going through your family history – don’t worry if you can’t remember things its as much about the process of doing this as the timeline its self.

First appointment: up to an hour and a half.

Price:  £60

Follow up consultations

Follow up consultations are generally a month after your first appointment. We will got through any changes you have seen since the first consultation and evaluate what we need to do next.

Follow up consultations: up to one hour

Price: £60

Children’s First consultation

During the first consultation, we look at what you and your child want treated and start to build up a history of your child’s life/health from pregnancy to birth and onwards. Most importantly i want your little one and you to feel comfortable with the process.

Children’s first consultation: one hour.

Price: £50

children’s follow up appointment

Usually a month after the first consultation, I evaluate how things are going and together we work out our next step in the journey together.

Children’s follow ups:  half an hour.

Price: £30


Appointments last for an hour and a half.



 family fees

One fee for the whole family – up to 4 members, 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children or 4 adults and so on.

The price includes one to one consultations as many as you need in a month for every member, free advice and remedies between appointments, or if any or all of the members have tummy bugs, colds, coughs in between appointments its all covered.

Price: £150 per month.

Adolescents First consultation

16-20 yr olds. The first thing to decide is if your teenager is coming on their own or with you. If you would both like to be present thats brilliant or sometimes parents want to stay for the first half and then wait in the waiting room. Whichever way as with all consultations the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and at ease as we begin building a timeline and discussing what needs to be treated.

Time: An hour and fifteen minutes

Price: £60


During These are usually once a month, as always all remedies are included. We will evaluate how things have gone and establish where to go next together. Usually teenagers come on their own but parents are always welcome.

Time: fourty-five minutes

Price: £45

Acute/minor illness clinic

The minor illness clinic treats coughs, colds, stomach bugs, sore throats, flu, minor injuries, childhood illnesses etc. Basically anything that comes on out of the blue.  The clinic runs for half an hour mon-fri for 9 -9.30 in person or by phone/skype. no appointment is necessary, drop-in or give me a call/text on 07734069371, or email for further details.

Time: 15minutes

Price: £10

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